Guatemala Trips

June 2012

2012 TeamThe team of 10 was very excited about this mission trip. The team was a good mix of HIAOM mission trip veterans, people who had never attended a mission trip, and it also had 2 young adults Praying with Local who had grown up in an orphanage in Kazakhstan. It was a blessing for the veterans to see the adopted children ministering to children who were where they were not many years ago. These young men were a blessing to the team and to the children as they shared their stories with them. The message being, that God has a plan for your life, seek HIm and He will reveal it to you. Everyone has a different story and God can use each of us as we minister to those who come behind us.

The Witnessing in Guat team was not only excited about the 6 orphanages they would visit, but they were also passionate about sharing the gospel message with the towns people. Each day the team would stop at the store to pick up any last minute supplies, while a couple team members go into the store, the rest stay outside and hand out gosepel tracts. People are always excited to accept anything that you have to give them. One dayBoat Supplies the team encountered someone who asked them to pray for him. Another day, after handing out tracts, the team got back on the bus and paused to pray for the day's misson. A construction worker came up to the window and asked for more information about the tract. One of the team members was able to lead this man to Christ while his construction crew waited on him. Team members also handed out tracts with food on their day off.

All of the orphanages we visit are very different. One of the orphanages is located in a jungle and is only assessible via boat. It is a great experience for team members. The team was able to provide the orphanage a couple of boat loads of food and Dishes Guat supplies. This orphanage is home to more than 200 children, most of which are from severe poverty. It is always a joy to see how excited they get when we bring them the food and supplies. At other orphanages, we were able to provide shoes, dishes, clothing, and bibles. The team presented a bible lesson at each orphanage, made bracelets with the different colors representing the plan of salvation, served a hot dog lunch, and provided many hours of playing with basketballs, soccer balls, jump ropes, bubbles, and frisbees.

Another highlight of this trip was seeing the construction of a girls orphanage. During our past 2 visits to one of the all boys orphanages, the director told us of plans to build an orphanage for the girls. Apparently there were many local girls with no place to live. Poverty is a very big problem as well as abuse of varying degrees. This year there were 2 different mission teams building an all girls orphanage that will be located down the hill from the boys orphanage. It was such a blessing to see the plans becoming a reality. We also found many of the orphanages we had visited in the past were doing so much better than in previous years. This was great news for the returning team members.

March 2011

2011 Team Here I Am Orphan Ministries was able to continue our work in Guatemala again in 2011. We took a team of 16 to Guatemala during Spring Break. During the visit the team was able to visit children in 5 different orphanagesand were able to bring bibles, diapers, backpacks and shirts to the children we visited. Due to the generous donations we received we were also able to provide much needed food for the orphanage in Rio Dulce. The team was also able to identify a little boy with crossed eyes. We are looking at ways to have his eyes fixed. To read more about this trip, please see our blog.

March 2010

In March of 2010, Here I Am Orphan Ministries visited Guatemala to continue the work begun by Meeting Needs Ministry. A team of 12 ministered to children in four different orphanages in Guatemala City and one orphanage in Rio Dulce. During our visit we were able to provide a Spanish Bible and share the Gospel of Christ with over 640 children. The team also spent time playing with the children, doing crafts, and provided them with a hot dog cookout - which is always a great treat!