Our trips to Honduras are memorable and our work there continues. Read the stories below about these mission trips.

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Notes from Past Trips

Laura Chelf - Honduras 2014

2012 TeamHonduras. A country I have grown to love over the past two summers, and I believe the team of eleven I went with would say the same. Every time I go on a trip with Here I Am Orphan Ministries I am always encouraged and amazed by the team the Lord puts together, but this year I can say I was the most amazed. The Lord was moving in the hearts of so many of the team members to do so much more for the orphans of Honduras. Some are being called to teach for a summer, some to move and stay long-term to love on the orphans and people of Honduras, some to sponsor a child in an orphanage, and some to adopt a child so that they can experience a forever family. It brought so much joy to my heart to see so many of them on fire for caring for the orphan. God shows us many times in His Word how much He cares for the fatherless and He wants us as believers in Him to go and share the steadfast love He has for them.  I know the team I spent a short week with is continuing to do that and desires for the children of Honduras to know that they do have a Father. A Heavenly Father who loves them with a steadfast love that will never fail them and that He loves them more than we could ever love them. I have gone on several trips with Here I Am Orphan Ministries and each time I go, I come back to the states wanting to do more for these precious kids and long to go back and stay longer. I long to see these children know Christ and to live a life for Him. I long to give them the hope that through trusting Jesus Christ they ARE worthy and they are able to have a relationship with an Everlasting Father who will never fail them.

I went on my first mission trip with Here I Am Orphan Ministries the summer of 2009 because the Lord closed the doors to another mission trip and lead me to the one with HIAOM to El Salvador. Ever since that trip, the Lord has grown a passion in my heart to advocate and care for orphans all around the world. I encourage you to pray about going on a mission trip, either to Honduras or El Salvador, because you never know what the Lord will have in store for you by taking that one step of obedience.

I ask that you pray with me for the orphans of Honduras, that their hearts will be open to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, that the hearts of our nation and the country of Honduras will be softened to care for the orphan whether it be financially, through prayer, or going and visiting them. I pray often that the Lord would expand my heart and overflow my heart with the love that He has for His people and specifically for these orphans. The Lord is moving so mightily through His people in Honduras and now through the team that went in June. Our team is ready to advocate and care for these precious kids that are longing for something more than what they have now, and I pray that you will come along side us and join us in what God asks us to do in His Word time and time again: defend and look after orphans. 

Sarah Chelf - Honduras 2013

2012 TeamHonduras is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited. Having been to Central America once before, Honduras took me a little by surprise by its lush, tropical terrain and gorgeous display of majestic green mountains. Located north of Nicaragua and directly east of El Salvador and Guatemala, Honduras is home to ideal vacationing islands, rich culture, and picturesque Caribbean beaches. However, one thing Honduras most definitely shares with its neighboring countries is the devastating effects of poverty and an overwhelming number of filled orphanages. With a population of over 8 million people, Honduras is actually the second poorest nation in Central America next to Haiti. Thus was our team's weeklong mission in June, to help reach these orphans and share with them the love and eternal hope that only Christ can give.

Our team of ten focused our mission in the city of San Pedro Sula. Taking the lead as one of the world's most violent and dangerous cities, many missions teams have sadly been pulling out of the country; however, the Lord obviously had different plans for Here I Am Orphan Ministries. We checked in with our sweet, Christ-loving host couple at their B&B and were immediately off to prepare for the week's work and to meet the couple that would be leading and connecting us with the different orphanages throughout the week. I don't know what we would have done without Jorge and Tara, the husband-wife duo of Reach Out Orphanage Ministries who work tirelessly each day to advocate for orphans and help improve the conditions of Honduras' orphanages. They led us to five different orphanages throughout the week, each unique and with their own sets of needs. We served everywhere from an orphanage of all boys rescued from the streets to an orphanage supported by TOMS shoes with some of the most ideal conditions. Yet at each orphanage remained the same purpose, to give these kids the individual attention and love they so crave and to ultimately share with them the Gospel. Whether it was through presenting the Word, making salvation bracelets, washing their feet, or simply serving, in their eyes, a most prized hot dog lunch, our hope was that they would see and come to know the love of the Father and the hope and restoration that can be theirs in Christ.

Amidst so many sad circumstances throughout the week, I saw the Lord moving in so many ways. Whether it was being greeted by praise and worship at the all-girls orphanage and hearing of their daily group devotionals and exciting new salon-training program, or meeting the woman who's life calling is to reach the hearts of the orphans the Lord places within her life to equip them to know Him and to go out and reach their communities and world for His glory, I saw the Lord reaching these orphans in their brokenness and offering them what ultimately brings true satisfaction, which is a relationship with Himself, no matter what their circumstances may be. This trip opened my eyes to a whole new level of poverty and to an even deeper spiritual lesson and reflection of God's heart. I am so thankful that the God who is reaching these orphans in Honduras is also after all our hearts, to rescue us, to adopt us, and to accept us as His children in Christ. Please continue to pray for the orphans in San Pedro Sula, that their hearts would be satisfied and filled with the grace and presence of our Savior.