International and Domestic Advocacy for Children

Journey of Hope 

We have host programs from with children from COLOMBIA and CHINALifeline Children's Services is our partner for the Colombia program and CCAI Adoption Services is our partner for the China program. Send us a message if you'd like to become a host family for the next Journey of Hope program! 

Older orphans are often labeled “unadoptable.” Every year thousands age out and become ineligible for adoption never having known a normal and loving family life. The good news is that you can help make a lasting impact on an orphan’s life through hosting, possibly even changing their lives forever!  Please consider opening your hearts and homes to an orphan and bless them with the knowledge that no matter what their future holds, they have someone who cares.  

Hosting provides these children with hope for their futures. Think of the difference you could make in the life of a child!  The precious weeks that the host children and their host families spend together is a life changing experience, and the memories that are created will last a lifetime!

A few other ways that you can help with Journey of Hope 2017, is to consider being a prayer partner, giving funds towards the opportunity of forever changing a child's life through hosting or adopting, or becoming an event volunteer. 

JOH Summer 2016 

Domestic Advocacy 

Wating Children in Texas 

Visit the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE) website to view Waiting Children in Texas 

Become an advocate for children in your area 

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Kids of South Central Texas 

Not in South Central Texas? Find a CASA near you: in Texas or in the U.S.

Human trafficking and the orphan crisis 

If We Care about Human Trafficking, We Must Care for Orphans and Foster Youth