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Colombia Texas Tour 2016

Here I Am Orphan Ministries is providing a very special opportunity for four major churches in Texas to meet and hear from Cristina Plazas, the Director General of Children in Colombia. These churches will hear about exciting new changes in Colombian adoption policy that will make adopting from Colombia more secure, efficient and expedient for American families. Here I Am Orphan Ministries and Hope For Orphans are partnering to host the Colombian Orphans "Texas Tour" in early May 2016. Events will be held in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and The Woodlands. On May 11th the Texas Tour will be in Brenham and we are working to build some informal events to link this group with Colombian adoptinve families and children in our area.

Colombian officials recognize that establishing ties with the Church in America to seek permanent families for orphans result in children being placed in homes with the right families. The pro-adoption sentiment in Colombia is at an all-time high. Topices to be discussed include: an international adoption overview, summer orphan host programs (U.S. and Colombia), U.S. church partnerships with Colombian churches and mission trips to Colombia. Colombian adoption programs serve as a model for Latin America as to consistency, compassion, extensive due diligence, elimination of corruption, and integrity.

There will be a question and answer time and families will have an opportunity to meet with several adoption agencies to review profiles on specific orphan children available for adoption.