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Christmas Host Need

We have a special situation in which we need to find 1-2 families to host a beautiful sibling group of 4 kids from Colombia this December. This is an opportunity to get to know the children so we an advocate for a family.

  • We are looking for 1 family to host all 4 children (anywhere in the USA) or 2 families to divide the siblings into 2/2 (but the families must live in the same city or close by).
  • They will be in the USA from Dec 13-27, 2017!
  • The cost of the program is $1500 which includes a mini homestudy, clearances, and education all which count toward the adoption process.
  • These children do not have pre-identified medical needs. Their need is that they are a large sibling group that the government wants to keep together if adopted.

Anthony - 9 years old  Kyle - 7 years old (twin)  Sarah - 7 years old (twin)  Sebastian - 5.5 years old

If someone you know is interested, please email or call 979-421-6471. The deadline for getting in the paperwork and getting approved is October 15!