Orphan Ministry Resources and Links

The following resources are merely suggestions and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Here I Am Orphan Ministries. If you discover a resource we have recommended that is inappropriate in any way, please alert us so that it can be investigated and removed if necessary. It is the responsibility of each family to determine if specific resources are appropriate choices for your family.  The list is intended as a courtesy, not as an endorsement.

Adoption Information, International

Adoption Support, General

Attachment Issues

Attorneys Specializing in Adoption

History of Adoption

HIV+ Children

Immigration Resources

Infertility Resources

Intervention Assistance

Facilities for Challenging Children

Bible Verses

Here is what the Bible says about orphans and our Biblical responsibility for taking care of them.  (List organization is based on "A Scriptural Summary of the Orphan, the Fatherless, and Adoption" from Family Life Hope for Orphans.)

Book Recommendations


Counseling Resources

Financial Aid Resources

Foster Care

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Military Families and Adoption

Older-Child Adoption

Note: Some of these resources consider older-child adoption to include children adopted over the age of 2 while others refer to older children as elementary age and above.


Products for Adoptive Families

Sexual Abuse and Adopted Children

For books on this topic, resources can be found at www.actforkids.org.

Books For Parents:

Especially for Parents, by DeAnn Yamamoto- Nading

Especially for Parents of Adolescents, by DeAnn Yamamoto-Nading

Understanding Children's Sexual Behaviors: Whats's Natural and Healthy, by Toni Cavanagh

Helping Children with Sexual Behavior Problems: A guidebook for Parents, by Toni Cavanagh

Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse, by Caren Adams

From Trauma to Understanding: A guide for Parents of Children with Sexual Behavior Problems, by William D. Pithers

How to Survive the Sexual Abuse of Your Child, by Christine Larsen

For Children:

Ages 3-8: Loving Touches-A Book for Children about Positive Caring Kinds of Touching, by Lory Freeman

Ages 3-8: Something Happened and I'm Scared to Tell, by Patricia Kehoe

Ages 3-8: The trouble with Secrets, by Karen Johnson

Ages 3-11: It's My body- A book to teach young children how to resist uncomfortable touch, by Lory Freeman

Ages 4-8: Uncle Willys Tickles: a Child's Right to Say No, by Marcie Aboff

Ages 4-12: Telling Isn't Tattling, by Kathryn Hammersend

Ages 5-11: Please Tell! A child's story about sexual abuse ages, by Jessie

Ages 6-12: It happens to Boys too, by Jane A.W. Satullo

Ages 7 to adolescent/adults: Let's Talk about Touching, by Toni Cavanagh