Our Adoption Grant and Loan Program welcomes Christian Families adoption Waiting Children - older kids, those with special or medical needs, or sibling groups (refer to our Statement of Faith). Out-of-state families are welcome to apply. Our Board assesses each application case by case for families pursuing a child who meets the “waiting” child criteria.

Our funds are available in the form of a grant or interest-free loan. We work with each family to determine which kind of funds best suit their financial situation. For any family applying for a grant or loan from us, we hope to see superior stewardship of adoption funds and family finances. In our view, part of this stewardship is maximizing the amount of funds that qualify for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. The tax credit is just that - a credit on your taxes, not a refund (so it keeps the money in your pocket). Our program is uniquely built to help each family maximize the tax credit should they qualify for it. You can read more about the tax credit on the IRS website here. You can also use their interactive tax assistant to see how you qualify for the adoption tax credit.

2024 Application Deadlines:

  • March 5
  • April 23
  • June 18
  • Aug 20
  • Oct 22

Please review our qualifications for the grant and loan program:

  • Are you adopting a child from our Waiting Children page?
  • If not adopting a child from our Waiting Children page, are you adopting a child that would qualify as Waiting – older child, sibling group, or child with special or medical needs?
  • Can you submit at least one reference from your church? We require your family to submit 2 references and at least one of them needs to be a reference from your church.
  • Are you working with an adoption agency?

If you have any questions about these qualifications please contact [email protected] for available options.


Grant and Loan Application

Please select the option that fits your family. Due to limited resources, not every family that applies is approved to receive funds from HIAOM.

Application for Couples Application for Single Mother Application for Single Father

Reference Forms

Two references must be received by HIAOM prior to review of your application. References should include: your Pastor or Small Group Leader, and a Friend. You have the option to either upload completed reference forms online OR download reference forms to send to references.

Download Reference Forms Here