Restoration for Adoptive Moms in the Trenches

The RESTORE Moms’ Retreat provides rest and connection for adoptive moms who are going through an especially difficult season with their children or have been through one in the past. Moms are on the “front lines” of families, and we feel strongly that moms must be healthy, rested, and connected to the Lord, other moms, and good resources in order for the family as a whole to thrive. As an advocacy organization, we ask families to bring children with difficult histories and trauma into their home, and we want to pour into the moms and families who say yes to this challenge!

We keep each retreat small (8-10 women total) so that each mom can feel connected and loved on while she is there. The retreat is free of charge to each and every mom and includes:

  • 3 days of food and lodging
  • Study materials and a gift basket
  • Painting activity or other outing
  • Featured speaker

The retreats take place in Brenham, Texas, and we try to incorporate as much restoration as possible, but this is also a time of building connections, being vulnerable, and sharing stories to encourage each other and provide support during tough times. It’s truly for Moms in the trenches!

Catering by The Bake Shop at All Things Acres

Space is limited. Please email kara for more information on how to apply.

Mom’s Retreat Testimonies

Going to HIAOM’s Restore Retreat was restful. I really appreciated the country and the peaceful property. We were treated like princesses with wonderful food and beautiful accommodations. Spending the weekend with other moms who share adoption experiences strengthened my confidence as an adoptive mother. Having this extended time of fellowship helped me to learn a lot of new things through shared experiences of motherhood. I am so grateful to leadership and those who contributed their time to meet us right where we were.


Better Together. This has shown me how much we need each other. Maybe we don't know each other to begin with, but the focus on our journeys and stories has made me feel like I am not alone and I don't have to be alone. I have others that can walk with me. Our stories may not be exactly the same, but our love for making the difference in the life of a child and to change a story from heartbreak to redemption is the common thread! God is so good in orchestrating all of this, and I feel so recharged. I felt so pampered in every way, from amazing food, to actually participating in creating art with the love of Jesus seeing us where we are, to the sweet gift baskets. Every detail was attended to in every way. What a joy!