Books For Parents

  • Especially for Parents, by DeAnn Yamamoto-Nading
  • Especially for Parents of Adolescents, by DeAnn Yamamoto-Nading
  • Understanding Children's Sexual Behaviors: Whats's Natural and Healthy, by Toni Cavanagh
  • Helping Children with Sexual Behavior Problems: A guidebook for Parents, by Toni Cavanagh
  • Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse, by Caren Adams
  • From Trauma to Understanding: A guide for Parents of Children with Sexual Behavior Problems, by William D. Pithers
  • How to Survive the Sexual Abuse of Your Child, by Christine Larsen

Books For Children

  • Ages 3-8: Loving Touches-A Book for Children about Positive Caring Kinds of Touching, by Lory Freeman
  • Ages 3-8: Something Happened and I'm Scared to Tell, by Patricia Kehoe
  • Ages 3-8: The trouble with Secrets, by Karen Johnson
  • Ages 3-11: It's My body - A book to teach young children how to resist uncomfortable touch, by Lory Freeman
  • Ages 4-8: Uncle Willys Tickles: a Child's Right to Say No, by Marcie Aboff
  • Ages 4-12: Telling Isn't Tattling, by Kathryn Hammersend
  • Ages 5-11: Please Tell! A child's story about sexual abuse ages, by Jessie
  • Ages 6-12: It happens to Boys too, by Jane A.W. Satullo
  • Ages 7 to adolescent/adults: Let's Talk about Touching, by Toni Cavanagh